Let`s prepare the wardrobe for the fall!


It`s almost the middle of the August, so summer is almost over. I can`t say that I feel sorry about that, because summer is not my favourite season. I am very happy that fall is almost here, because I just love this season. I love that the weather is colder and I can wear cozy clothes, and I can choose from a large variaty of earth tone colors.

As always, in this period of the year, I start preparing the shopping list to renew my wardrobe for the fall. Fashion Mia is a site where I usually go for inspiration, so today I will share with you my top picks for this year. My favourite clothes to wear in fall are dresses, so today they will be the centerpiece of this article.

First of all, I am looking for women knitted dresses. It`s seems like these are a must for this fall and a dark blue one is perfect for work. You can always choose a long one, but for me, this lenght is perfect for my body shape. What I also love at this dress is the colorfull accesories around neck and arms, which give this dress a good chance to be worn without any other jeweleries.

Another thing to try this summer is a bodycon dress. It is a statement dress and a must in the wardrobe. It gives a nice posture to a curvy body and enhance the silhouette. In my search for bodycon dresses online I found this one, a knee-lenght dress in a plain color, perfect for work or running errands. Because of the neutral color,  this dress can be worn with any kind of colorful accesories.

Which one of this dresses do you prefer? Are you interested in adding to your wardrobe these kind of dresses?

Kiss Kiss.


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