Cartea de pe noptiera - Forma apei ( Guillermo del Toro, Daniel Kraus)

Buna dragilor,

Astazi va voi vorbi despre ultima carte pe care am citit-o si anume Forma apei, scrisa de doi autori, Guillermo del Toro si Daniel Kraus. Recunosc, nu stiam ca este aparuta cartea si la noi, insa cand am vazut-o pe Libris, am stiut ca trebuie sa fie a mea.  Exista si ecranizare dupa aceasta carte, ecranizare cu multe nominalizari si multe premii importante castigate. Filmul inca nu l-am vazut, planuiesc sa il vad in acest weekend, insa astazi discutam despre lectura, asa ca ar fi momentul sa ma pun pe povestit.

Actiunea are loc in Baltimore, in anul 1962, cand Elisa Esposito, o femeie muta, provenita de la un orfelinat, traieste o viata plina de monotonie. Este femeie de serviciu in schimbul de noapte la Centrul de Cercetari Aerospatiale Occam, unde fiecare tura este la fel de plictisitoare ca si viata ei.Totul se schimba intr-o noapte cand, intr-o zona ultrasecurizata a Centrului, vede ceva ce nu ar trebui: Deus Branquia, un specimen inspaimantator, un om-amfibie vanat din Amazon si adus acolo pentru cercetari.  Desi este speriata la inceput, isi da repede seama ca acea creatura este foarte inteligenta si asemanatoare cu ea, ambii fiind diferiti si neintelesi de lume. Incepe sa se apropie de el si isi da seama, oricat de ciudat ar parea, ca incepe sa il indrageasca.

Intr-o noapte aude insa o conversatie intre Richard Strickland, colonelul care l-a vanat si adus acolo pe omul-amfibie si Bob Hoffstetler, un spion rus sub acoperire, si afla ca s-au dat ordine ca omul-amfibie, deja maltratat si chinuit, sa fie omorat, pentru a se putea face cercetari mai amanuntite. In acel moment stie ce are de facut: sa il rapeasca si sa il scape de la crunta soarta, asa ca, ajutata de Giles, vecinul ei, de Zelda, colega de munca si prietena sa adevarata si de ponturile oferite de Bob, reuseste sa il scoata din laboratorul in care este tinut captiv si il duce acasa la ea, unde dragostea dintre ei infloreste. ;)

Colonelul Stickland este foarte furios din cauza disparitiei omului-amfibie, pe care il considera biletul sau de iesire din viata militara, asa ca reuseste sa afle unde se ascunde si se duce dupa el. Elisa isi da seama ca singurul mod in care poate sa ii salveze viata omului-amfibie mult iubit este sa il lase sa se intoarca inapoi in apa, asta insemnand sa renunte la el. Il duce la docuri, pregatita sa faca cel mai mare sacrificiu din viata ei, insa Stickland este pe urmele lor, decis sa il omoare pe Deus Branquia si sa termine odata toata nebunia.

Se va intoarce Deus Branquia inapoi la viata lui acvatica, acum ca a descoperit iubirea impreuna cu Elisa? Va reusi oare Stickland sa isi duca pana la capat planul criminal? Va las pe voi sa descoperiti, ca de obicei. Cartea Forma Apei o gasiti pe Libris,  si nu uitati de campania lor, #respectyourself - gasiti timp pentru voi, gasiti timp pentru lectura!

Voi ati citit cartea? Cum vi s-a parut?

Kiss Kiss.

BestHairBuy extensions, the key to long and voluminous hair

Hello my dears,

Most of men consider that a woman is more beautiful if she has long hair. All TV commercials shows that long and voluminous hair is very easy to have and deal with, so they expect that we never cut it and we wave it everyday. What they don't know is that a long hair must have a special routine to stay healthy, but we do. That routine is very time consuming and it can have up to 6 hair products that can be used on a daily basis: hair mask, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair serum. And let's not talk about hair torture instruments like hair dryer, flat iron or curling wand. These items can add up to a really high amount of money every month, they are not so budget friendly and some of them can ruin the healthy of our hair.

If you want a long hair without the worries and never ending hair routine, you can always try hair extensions. This industry evolved very much over the course of the last years and made some amazing hair extensions, to which you can swear by,  they look so real, so no one will notice that is not your real hair.

You can use these hair extensions for adding volume to your hair or for a dramatic change. They can be in the same color like your hair or in some crazy colors that suits your personality. They are made from human hair, they look realistic and can give you volume and lenght. They have very high quality and they can be washed without any problems.

BestHairBuy hair extensions are for every taste and style. They can be short or long, dark or light color and they can give you that special something for a everyday look or a special event. Here are some of my picks that I want to try someday, to add volume and color to my blond natural hair:

For a summer look, you can try BestHairBuy Natural Wave or BestHairBuy Deep Curly for more volume and a fresh hairstyle. They also came in different colors and lenghts, so you can easily find one that is perfect for your hair.

Don't forget to check BestHairBuy for news and promotions:

What do you think about these hair extensions? Are you interested in trying them to add a difference to you hair style?

Kiss Kiss.

BestHairBuy Bob Wigs, a must have hairstyle in this summer

Hello my dears,

As you all might know, every women want to look their best with any occasion. But we all have one of those days when, no matter what we do, our hair seems to have a life of it own and just would not stay in place. Some people just call it a bad hair day and try to use accessories like scarves, hats and a lot of hair spray to keep it in place. Another category rock a messy bun or a ponytail or just leave it to be. There is also another solution for this kind of problem: a hair wig. It is simple and easy to put on, it only takes a little time and you are ready to go out of the door without worrying about your hair.

If you want to make a major change in your hairstyle, a hair wig is the best choice for you. You can change your look everyday, depending on your mood, and your hair would not have to go through chemical processes to achieve new looks, hair styles and colors. Also, if you want to to make a big change to your hair, like a bob cut, for example, but you are to afraid to cut your hair, a wig will come to your help and you will see if this style suits you before going to the hair salon.

One of the most versatile wig is a bob wig, and it looks great on almost every head shape. It can be short, medium of long bob, straight or wavy and it can be in every color you want. On BestHairBuy site you can find a full range of bob wigs with great quality and very big discounts. Here are my top choices of BestHairBuy bob wigs:

If a bob hair style is not your style, you can always find BestHairBuy full lace wigs, a must if you want to have long looks. Also, don't forget to check the BestHairBuy lace front wigs, where you can find a wig even for the most hard to please taste.

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What fo you think about these bob wigs? Are you interested in wearing this style in this summer?
Which one is your favourite?

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Creative Nails Collab # 18 - Puzzle Pieces

Buna dragilor,

Tema de astazi e facuta pe bucatele, ca un puzzle. Asadar, se incepe treaba cu o oja colorata pe fiecare unghie, ca sa fie in ton cu multitudinea de culori din natura. Apoi, cu ajutorul unei pensule subtiri, am desenat ceea ce parea a fi niste bucati de puzzle. Iata ce a iesit:

Haideti sa vedem ce puzzle au facut si celelalte fete participante:

  1. Sophie -
  2. Oana -
  3. Georgiana
  4. Deyutza
  5. Madalina - ­čôĚ
  6. Cristina-
  7. Raluca Denise -
  8. Claudia -
Kiss Kiss

Men shoes - What to wear in 2018 Summer

Hello my dears,

As you all know, fashion is not only for women, so men have their share in this business. They want, as much as women do, to look good and to dress to impress, so today we will talk about trends in men fashion. Shoes are a very important item because they can complete or destroy a look, so is better to know how to wear them for different occasions. On dresslily you can find all kind of shoes, depending for their purpose:

1. Office - even though it can be tempting to try sandals, due to high temperature, you should never do that in a desk job situation. Try to find a good pair of Faux Suede Soft Sloe Mocassin Shoes, with a comfortable and breathable material. They go amazing this a shirt and elegant or office like pants.

2. On a night out - if your partner is not wearing a very elegant dress, you can easy go for a casual look. A shirt, jeans and casual shoes are perfect for a date, but they are also perfect for a party or other social events.

3. When you exercise - try to find the most comfortable shoes, so you can experience a very productive routine, from which you can get the most out of it. Nowadays, there are some amazing sport shoes, easy to wear, breathable and made with high quality materials.

If you are a man, I hope that I have cleared up some of your concerns about the right way to wear shoes, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you are a woman that wants to buy shoes for a special men in your life, you can view more ideas and shoes on the site, ideal for any occasion and season, with a great quality and a good price range.

What do you think about these picks?

Kiss Kiss.

Crochet top - the must have for this summer

Hello my dears,

Summer is just around the corner so it is the perfect time to start preparing our wardrobe for this season, to let go of the warm and cozy coats and blouses and to add new and beautiful tops to our dressing. The must have item for this summer is a crochet top, the perfect combination between classy, elegance and comfort. They are easy to wear, add a little spark to the outfit and feels refreshing. Looking online for some ideas, I found some amazing tops on rosegal, so let my show you my favorites:

1. Work or school Outfit - Classic and elegant lace crochet. Whenever there is a dress code, you have to be very careful not to broke it. At work or at school, for example, it is better to show less skin, so this type of crochet, a skirt/jeans and high heels looks apropiate and elegant.

2. A day in town - comfortable and cute. If you want to have a day for shopping  or running errands, a flowy tank top is the perfect choice. It looks amazing on almost every body type, it's easy to wear and very easy to accesorize it.

3. Going on a date - sexy and classy. A special night out with the loved one requires a special outfit, and you really can't go wrong with black. Lace crochet aplique tank top is easy to wear, looks amazing with a knee long skirt and some medium heels.

If you are interested in more items like this, click here to see more. There are different colors to choose from, and you can also find plus size tops, beach outfits, swimsuits and many more.

What do you think about my choices? Are you interested in adding to your wardrobe and wearing a crochet top this summer?

Kiss Kiss.

Ce trebuie sa stii despre tratamentul cu keratina pentru parul tau (GP)

Parul lipsit de stralucire, de rezistenta si ciufulit are nevoie de keratina. Aceasta este metoda deja populara de indreptare a parului. Cunoaste efecte indelungate si este una dintre cele mai eficiente metode. Trebuie mentionat de asemenea despre keratina ca este o proteina ce se gaseste in mod normal in organism. Insa in timp, pe masura ce imbatranim, nivelul acesteia se reduce semnificativ.

In ce consta un tratament cu keratina pentru par? Hairstylist-ul stie cel mai bine care este procedura. De preferat sa aiba loc la un salon, acest tip de tratament consta in aplicarea de sampon si ulterior balsam pe baza de keratina. Ulterior, o substanta ce contine keratina va fi aplicata pe parul uscat, urmand ca acesta sa fie supus metodei de intins cu placa.

Creative Nails Collab # 17 - Dots & Lines

Buna dragilor,

Tema de astazi este cu puncte si linii. Cand am vazut oja asta, am zis ca este cea mai buna alegere pentru aceasta tema, in tandem cu sezonul, asa ca am pus cateva linii negre si cateva puncte, la fel de negre, si a iesit o manichiura simpla, dar de efect.

Haideti sa vedem cum au imbulinat-o si celelalte fete din colaborare:

  1. Sophie -
  2. Oana -
  3. Madalina -
  4. Claudia -
  5. Alina -
  6. Georgiana
  7. Emi-
  8. Deyutza-
  9. Cristina-
  10. Ana Maria -
  11. Raluca Denise -
  12. Andra Kat-
Kiss Kiss.