Bridesmaid Dresses from Dress Fashion

The weeding season already started and us girls must have the most beautiful dresses for each event. If men are lucky and they can wear the same outfit at all weddings in a year, in our case it`s not the same. We cannot go dressed the same at two weddings in a row, and to be more specific, it is our dream that we should have a different dress for every wedding.

This year I must attend to 4 weddings, all in the family. That means that I need four different wedding dresses, since the guests in the weddings are the same and I cannot be seen in the same outfit. I tried to go in stores to find something nice to wear, but at those prices I would be bankrupt very fast. In this case, I prefer to go online and to try to find better prices and every time I am a winner.

In my online search, I looked for cheap bridesmaid dresses, having in mind a few ideas about how my ideal dresses should look like. I found an interesting site, Dress Fashion, where a lot of dresses caught my eye. First of all, let me tell you something about the site – easy to work with, with a nice aspect and a search button and criteria to help find the best results for the search. You can choose the length of the dress – long, ideal for evening, short – better for daylight events and very short – for club and co. Also, they have a lot of styles and neckline to choose from, so don`t be afraid that you won`t find the perfect dress. And the color range is very large and suitable for every skin tone.

I found a lot of new arrivals for this year, and now is very difficult to choose which one to buy. My first choice is a lace and chiffon lavender dress, with a scoop neck and a floor-length. I think that the color is amazing and it goes well on a sunny May wedding.

The second amazing dress that I found is also a scoop neck floor-length dress, this time in a intense burgundy color. Simpler than the first one, it can be combined with a statement necklace to get the head-turning look.

I was also curious about the short dresses, and the third dress is a V-neck, short, watermelon dress. I think that is adorable and gives a nice, delicate posture to every girl.

The last, but not the least, is a short royal blue dress, with a square neckline and chiffon ruffles, for a sexy, yet elegant look.

Which one would you prefer?

Kiss Kiss.


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