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Being in a good shape is very important for our health. Sometimes we are very tired over a very hard day at work and we can`t have the time or the motivation to work out at the end of the day. But we don`t have to let this thing get with our health. When my motivation is low, I try to find something that can boost it! The easiest way to do that is to open StyleWe and to try to find something nice to wear while working out.

Looking at my wardrobe, I see that I`m lacking some items in the Sport Bottoms departaments, so I try to find some cute items online. These are my top 3 picks, ideals for every tipe of weather - quick dry pants for those day of spring, long pants for outdoor activities or shorts for the hot weather,

Don`t forget about the drink water per day amount neccesary for your activity. Hydration is a very important key in being healthy and looking great, so drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday! It is proven that drinking the right amount of water everyday gives you glowing skin and can reduce the appearing of cellulite.

After I will be in my best shape, I will start a shopping spree for my new body shape. A friend of mine recomanded me a new site, JustFashionNow, from where she bought some amazing cloths.

I found there very affordable crop tops, so after I will have a toned body, I will spend some bucks on JustFashionNow platform for some changes in my wardrobe.  They also have dresses and accesories, so you can find there anything you like.

How do you find motivation for working out? Do you find satisfaction in buying new working out clothes?

Kiss Kiss.


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