Reinvent your Style

Hello girls,

2017 is here so is the best time for setting resolutions. It is the time to look back to the year that just ended, to put in balance all the things done in that time and to start the process to a better self. I have already made plans for my personal and professional life, so those domains are covered. Now is time to set my mind about other aspects that I want to realise in these year. We will talk just fashion now.

First of all, from the first day of the year I started working on my beach body. Diet and workout is very important, and so is my motivation. For this, I searched online stores for swimwear sale. Although is winter, this is the best time to buy a swinsuit, because the prices are cut and the discounts are huge. I found a very beautiful one, and I order it 3 size smaller. In this way, I can be motivated to do my best to achieve a slim and toned body. This one, found on StyleWe, looks amazing and that blue color is perfect for summer.

Another thing that I want for this year is to practice more on make-up aplication, to try new styles and to perfect my pin-up make-up. I just love Vintage makeup Style, so if you are also interested in this kind of make-up, read Vintage Makeup at StyleWe blog, and you will find out everything you want to know about how women used to enhance their beauty - how-to tutorials on applying makeup, tips and tricks for the most beautiful eyes and the perfect lipstick aplication and styles that will never go out of style.

What do you think about my beach ready body challenge? Is this swimsuit a good way to boost my motivation?

Kiss Kiss.


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