Top 7 Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses' Photos

Hello my dears,

As you all know, summer is the most wanted season for a wedding. There is something magical in summer wedding, especially if you choose a different and interesting place for the reception to take place. For example, it is not an unusual thing to have a wedding party in a restaurant, but it can be amazing to have it on a beach or in a forest, for example.

When it comes to the bridesmaid dress trends, you have a multitude of dressed to choose from. You can have a themed party, with a dress code for every bridesmaid or you can choose to go free-style, and every girl to have a different kind of dress. I personally prefer the first way, because it is more pleasant to see the bridesmaids dressed the same, but the choice is up to the bride.

Whatever you choose, here are top 7 bridesmaid dresses that can be worn successfully to a summer wedding:

As you can easily see, this summer trend is all about light colors and pastels. You can choose white (but ask the bride first, to see if it is ok with her), light pink, mint green, cream, light blue, light lavender or even gray or turquoise. When it comes to the style of the dresses, fluffy dresses and A-line are prefereable over the bodycon ones. It is a must to choose a floor lenght dress for this summer, so try to stay away from the short dresses or the cocktail dresses for this kind of events.

Don't forget to accessorize the look with high heel shoes, gold bracelets and flower crowns for a boho-chic style and a light make-up.

What fo you think about these dresses? Do you like them? Do you see yourself wearing these kind of dresses on a wedding?

Kiss Kiss.


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