Men shoes - What to wear in 2018 Summer

Hello my dears,

As you all know, fashion is not only for women, so men have their share in this business. They want, as much as women do, to look good and to dress to impress, so today we will talk about trends in men fashion. Shoes are a very important item because they can complete or destroy a look, so is better to know how to wear them for different occasions. On dresslily you can find all kind of shoes, depending for their purpose:

1. Office - even though it can be tempting to try sandals, due to high temperature, you should never do that in a desk job situation. Try to find a good pair of Faux Suede Soft Sloe Mocassin Shoes, with a comfortable and breathable material. They go amazing this a shirt and elegant or office like pants.

2. On a night out - if your partner is not wearing a very elegant dress, you can easy go for a casual look. A shirt, jeans and casual shoes are perfect for a date, but they are also perfect for a party or other social events.

3. When you exercise - try to find the most comfortable shoes, so you can experience a very productive routine, from which you can get the most out of it. Nowadays, there are some amazing sport shoes, easy to wear, breathable and made with high quality materials.

If you are a man, I hope that I have cleared up some of your concerns about the right way to wear shoes, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you are a woman that wants to buy shoes for a special men in your life, you can view more ideas and shoes on the site, ideal for any occasion and season, with a great quality and a good price range.

What do you think about these picks?

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