Try a different hair style this spring - Discover the new You

Hello my dears,

Is is officially spring and this is the season to make a change. After taking out the winter clothes from our wardrobe, to make room for the flower pattern ones and try to get fit, it is time for us to get a new look this spring. After we ditch the dark lipstick and the smokey eyes for pink lipstick and pastel eyeshadow, our attention is turn to the hair. We all want to make a small or maybe a big change to it, but most of the times we are scared of the consequences. What if short hair is not the best choices for us or maybe brunette hair don't go well with our complexion? Or maybe we want to try different styles and not to be restrained to wear them all day?

The easiest way to do that is to buy a wig. Or more. Nowadays, you can find synthetics or human hair wigs, hair extensions or hair weaves that look so amazing, that no one will notice that is not your real hair.

On Addcolo, you will find a great variety to choose from. You can have choose a short human hair wig, a medium or a long one, you can find light color, dark color, ombre color or highlights color. You can go from silk straight to yaki straight to kinky straight, or you can rock a natural wave, body wave, loose wave or deep wave. If you are a curly kind of girl, there are some styles that will suit your taste also - curly, deep curly, kinky curly and afro kinky curly.

Here are my top picks:

Lace Front Wig Brazilian Hair Straight Bob Wig Color #22

Lace Front Wigs Brazilian Hair Natural Wavy Wig Natural Color

This online shop ships worldwide, and most of the locations have free delivery, so this is the perfect time to try a new wig.

Are you brave enough to discover the new you?

Kiss Kiss.


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