How to get the best photos for Social Media

Hello everyone,

For every influencer or influencer wanna be out there, the photo taken are very important. A photo stands for a thousands words, so every time we have to choose the best ones for our audience and for our followers. After some time spent researching, I think I come to the best recipe for the perfect photo for the social media accounts. First of all, try to invest in a quality equipment. You don't have to buy the latest DSLR, you can start with using your smartphone, just try to set it to the highest quality.

1. Find the perfect light. A good, natural light, will make every person glow, so try to take photos in sunlight. If you don't find the perfect timing, you can always find some indoor lights like a ring light or a led light. Although they don't offer the same exposure, there are the best choices at the moment, and you can find a various types and sizes, from budget-friendly to professional uses.

2. Find the best background. It is amazing to have a picture with a lovely nature background, but this is not always available. If you want to spice up your photos, you can add backdrops. They are washable flannel materials, matte and with no glare, is a numerous patterns to choose from. They are washable, don't wrinkle and are easy to transport, so every picture can be album ready. You can also find different sizes, so you can use them for any kind of photos or even for youtube videos.

3. Be natural. Try your best to get the most natural picture of you.. Ditch the filters, they are so last year, and try show little pieces from your everyday life. This kind of  pose will certainly  bring your followers closer to you and will bring you closer to their hearts.

Do you follow these 3 easy steps? Which are your keys to get album ready pictures?

Kiss Kiss.


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