Wishlist for new dresses in 2018

Hello dears,

One of my 2018 resolutions is to wear more dresses. This means that should  get a larger wardrobe, but this should not be a problem. Today I will show you a sneak peek in my dresses for 2018 wishlist. I had some free time yesterday so I wanted to check Zaful for the new arrivals and to peek some new dresses.

1. Cheap prom dresses - I finish school a long time ago, but I always take a look at prom dresses because it's easy to use them in a various ocasions. I usually choose a simple one, in a nice color, so I can use it with some statment accesories. The A-line is the best way for my silhouette, so I try to find this kind of pattern.

2. Midi dresses - I just love this kind of dresses for everyday, work or even running errands in town. I usually looking for floral pattern, because this kind of dresses are very simple to wear, I just need a pair of simple shoes and a bag and I am ready to go.

3. White blackless dresses - if you are looking for something romantic to wear, this is the easy way out. All you need is a white dress, and if it has a floral pattern, the succes is guaranteed. Use on a beach walk or on a moon light walk and you will be a sight for sore eyes. I really like this lace up one, because it looks bohemian and delicate.

If you want to see all the must have items for 2018, you can check zaful blog for best informations in what to wear this year.

What do you think about my choices? Do you like them? Which kind of dresses do you want to buy this year?

Kiss Kiss.


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