2018 - New Year love resolutions

2018 already started, so it's time for new resolution. For a long time, people wished for money, a good life, a new job or a new place to stay, but things start to change. From what I have seen, people have some common demands from the year that just came, and the most important ones are about love, not material things.

1. To get a girlfriend/boyfriend. This wish is from the people tired to be alone or from the ones who ended a bad relationship and have the courage to try again. Usually, people try dating apps, try to meet someone special online, on the social media or do it the old fashion way, going on a blind date set by a friend or family. It is all about self trust and trusting in love.

2. To get married. This new resolution is from the people who meet the one, the chosen person. It doesn't matter the time they spend together, it could be months or years, most people that are in love dream about sharing their live with their loved one. After the big question is asked and the right answer is given, the soon-to-be happily married start a new adventure for the perfect wedding day.

3. To get a baby. After the wedding, most of the married couple start dreaming about a baby, a little bundle of joy that will transform them in a happy family. Every couple is different, so it is a personal preference when to have a baby in most cases. It is not an easy road, bringing a baby into this world, but it says that it's worthy. Before conceiving, the future parents should be healthy, both physically and mentally prepared for the big event. It is known that after a child, the true family life begins.

What are your love resolutions for 2018? Did you checked all the above or are you still working on some aspects?

Kiss Kiss.


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